Janine Craven

I am a lead administrator at a doctor’s surgery and have been for the past 20 years.

A single mother of my two children who attend Newcommen school, I am passionate about animals and my local community. I volunteer to support litter pick and many other local community causes and events.

I feel my role as a trustee will bring stability and balance to the board, as I will use my skills in administration to support the charity and comply with all legal and administrative policies and proceedures.

Carrie Cook

Cllr Carrie Cook attended John Batty then Rye Hills and is currently bringing up her own two daughter’s in Redcar

Carrie worked in the care industry for several years before returning to education and completing her Law degree in 2012, going on to completing her Masters Degree in 2015.

Carrie was a volunteer for the Citizens Advice Bureau and was elected as a Labour councillor in 2019. She is passionate about supporting her local residents and improving the lives of people in Redcar & Cleveland