TEES are currently supplying homecooked, well balanced, nutritional, healthy meals to over 20 people every week identified to us through our Clothing Scheme referral system. These people are vulnerable, self isolated as well as scared and unsure of how they are going to cope long term. Our food deliveries give them something to look forward to and provide a decent meal for them as well as letting them know we are here for them and they are not alone. This service supports Coatham House who cater for vulnerable young adults aged 16 to 25 to a number of addicts and end of life patients and there carers.

Cheese & Leek Quiche, Rice salad, Homemade Coleslaw with roll and butter.
Elaine’s homemade cakes

These treats are much appreciated and provide a stable diet to the balanced meal our ex army chef Elaine has put together to cater for all dietary need, from diabetics to end of life patients on a liquid only diet. The carers receive a full 3 course meal to keep up their strength, Plus enough food till our next delivery. They are fed 7 days a week through this service.

Our Fresh Vegetables & Fruit Selection

We also deliver food parcels to our volunteers who are all isolated and vulnerable as well as the neighbours they have concerns about. The fresh fruit & Veg as well as the basics bread, milk, eggs, butter, cheese, tinned and dry goods are all very well received.

Fresh, ambient, dry and tinned goods ready to be delivered.