TEES Period Poverty TPP highlighted the issue of incontinence poverty over the past several months. We were approached by a 87 year old lady who had been diagnosed and in receipt of incontinence products on the NHS. Her health changed and she had to wait 3 months to be diagnosed again, this meant her products were stopped and she had to wait three weeks for the new products to be delivered to her. She was living on her pension and could not afford to buy the products @ £10.98 a pack, so became isolated through lack of these products. Her confidence and well being deteriorated rapidly. TPP delivered free products to her and assured her she would never be without again, she is well and thriving.

On 6th April 2020, we were contacted by a mum who has a six year old the child has a number of ailments and incontinence is one of them. She is not entitled to the products on the NHS and is worried as her supply is running low, with the current lockdown she is panicking she may be left without these products. TPP have sourced the products and made provision to place an order for six months supply.

We have been contacted by Middlesbrough and Redcar & Cleveland Dementia Services to support carers of partners and families sent home from hospital at end of life with no provision in place or access to incontinence products. Their financial situation is such they cannot afford to buy them, the carers who have to deal with this are working twice as hard washing clothing and bedding trying to keep up with the constant demands on them made more difficult because of the lack of access to these products. We are currently supporting over 20 people with FREE access to these products, giving them both comfort, self respect and dignity.