TEES CIO are a local charity based in Tees Valley registered in September 2019, with the sole purpose of helping alleviate some of the issues associated with the ever-increasing poverty and deprivation in the Tees Valley region. TEES stands for Together. Engage. Encourage. Support. This is our way of bringing together all agencies, charities, groups, clubs, local government, businesses, Individuals, services and anyone in the community wanting to help. We engage with all the above by networking and attending events. TEES then encourage sharing information, giving and sharing data on projects, partnerships and signposting. The support we then provide is then passed down to the individuals or families in need. All the trustees of TEES are unpaid and work within the charity with passion and a dedication to help others.

Tees Community Hub

The Hub is home to the following projects:

  • TEES Period/Incontinence¬†Poverty Campaign
  • TEES Community Clothing Bank
  • TEES Baby Bank
  • TEES Furniture for Everyone
  • TEES Rapid Response¬†Covid19
  • TEES Christmas Cheer
  • TEES Job Club